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[PDF] Beyond The Black River

[PDF] Beyond The Black River




Beyond The Black River

by Robert Ervin Howard

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Beyond The Black River Robert Ervin Howard

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"Beyond the Black River" is one of the original short stories about Conan the Cimmerian, written by American author Robert EBalthus grasped the points of the upright logs set in the sun-dried mud and scrambled up on them, ignoring the havoc done his skinThe people on the Tauran were closer to the primitive than most Aquilonians; superstitions persisted, whose sources were lost in antiquityAs soon as we find a good place we'll hide and wait until another night to swing back and make the riverIt means the warriors are being summoned out of the woods for the attackStones and logs whirled through the air and splintered and sank half a dozen canoes, killing their occupants, and the other boats drew back out of rangeA woodsman named Soractus trailed him, and led Valannus and three soldiers to where he lay dead drunk in a thicketReply Jim Cornelius January 13, 2016 Ill never fault a critic for this didnt work for me


From the noise they were making in their progress he knew they were not PictsNo white man knew what shapes haunted the great forests beyond Black RiverThe oiled links of his armor did not clink, and Balthus knew Conan could glide through the deepest thicket or most tangled copse as noiselessly as any naked Pict that ever livedThe demon avoided the cast with an unbelievably quick movement of its narrow head and was on him again with a hissing rush of leaping flamesA scent of burning flesh filled Conan's nostrilsHe increased his pace, trusting to the dog to smell out ambushes ahead


They would say it is a lie, if they daredSome of the writing is rather clunky, particularly in the use of adverbs, and the description is laid on a bit thick, but it does the jobWhen Balthus had gone a few rods he heard the animal growlIIWondering if he had fallen asleep, Balthus reached out and grasped his shoulderBlack Rivers unvarnished look at savagery and human nature and its downbeat ending make it a lot less enjoyablethan something like Black Colossus or The Tower of the Elephant, but I think it also indicates the sincerity and seriousness of REH and his approach to the life of ConanEPUB (with images) // 194kB b2ff6ad845

Robert Ervin Howard


But once that was finished, REH set about writing again in earnest, and within a year he was regularly selling stories to Weird TalesHoward Days in Cross Plains on June 10

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